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WEATHER on the Mendocino Coast

WEATHER DETAILS? For those who want all the facts, stats and history of weather for the Mendocino Coast and what the weather can be like during your visit, look no further. Read on... then, at the bottom of the page, visit our site for the Current Weather Forecast.

Yes, we have weather on the Mendocino Coast... and it's usually sunny, except when it's cloudy, raining, stormy, foggy and, er... at night. But, seriously, most of us who live here think the weather along our coast is wonderful! What is more important, we don't have frigid cold, ice and snow... and we don't have "can't-stand-it-another-minute" heat!

What we do have -- through our coastal influence -- is refreshingly cool, comfortable weather year round. The average monthly temperature in August, for example, is only around 65 degrees (F).

Up-To-Date Weather Forecast for the Mendocino Coast, click HERE

Weather Cam & up-to-date Weather Information

For up-to-date weather for the Mendocino Coast and a weather cam view out over the ocean and Mendocino Bay go here.

The weather information is provided by Mendocino Community Network, and the weather camera is located in a window of our Sea Cottage Real Estate office in downtown Mendocino at the corner of Lansing & Ukiah Streets.

TIDE TABLES for the Mendocino Coast
reported for Mendocino Bay at Mendocino

For 2011 tide tables, by month, go HERE

RAIN: Yeah, we do have some... but itís welcomed by people who live along the coast. Despite some very wet years, we average somewhere around 35 inches per year, about one-half the amount in some of the neighboring areas to the north. Our rainy season is November through April; we rarely have any rain through the summer months, June through September. We like it because it makes things grow, gives us something to drink and, sometimes, even bathe in....
Besides, the fish like it.

FOG: Yeah, we have some of that, too... mostly in July and August and, when it feels like it, it hangs around sometimes in September. Once again, we like it. It keeps us cool when, in July and August, everyone else is baking in the heat, especially in the inland valleys. And it gives us something to complain about when weíre socked in for more than a day or two and we begin to feel just a little moldy. But it makes for beautiful pictures as the fog creeps in from the ocean, just touches the coast or whispers up the river valleys. Itís mysterious and maybe a little romantic.

STORMS: No, no... we donít have storms here! OK, sometimes we do. But they can be wonderfully dramatic and awe-inspiring. And, lately, there are people who watch the weather forecasts and come to the coast to "Storm Watch". They want to be here for the experience of walking along the Headlands to watch huge, wind-lashed waves pound in from the sea and crash against the rocks and bluffs. Or, if theyíre a little less hardy, they sit at their picture window in front of a log fireÖ you get the picture.

WEATHER-WISE PACKING: Even if youíre acclimated to cool, coastal weather, youíll be wise to bring sweaters and light jackets even in summer. In winter, you might consider heavier sweaters, heavier jackets and, for Godís sake, bring rain-gear!

Source: United States Weather Bureau

January 55.8 39.8 47.8 6.70
February 57.1 41.3 48.4 5.45
March 57.5 41.8 49.6 5.79
April 58.9 42.6 50.7 2.72
May 60.7 45.5 53.1 1.18
June 63.1 48.3 55.7 0.31
July 64.3 49.4 56.8 0.13
August 64.6 50.0 57.3 0.42
September 65.5 49.4 57.5 0.79
October 63.3 46.7 55.0 2.86
November 59.7 43.8 51.7 6.19
December 55.9 40.7 48.3 6.34
ANNUAL 60.3 44.9 52.6 38.88

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