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Being There & Getting Here... to THE MENDOCINO COAST

All roads lead to the Mendocino Coast!

The Mendocino Coast covers a large area (north to south) and is comprised of many towns and villages. Listing directions and mileage to each of them would be impractical; we’ve chosen, instead, to show them all as leading to Mendocino, a central point on the long coastal line. Reader-travelers may adjust their particular destinations -- north or south -- to the Mendocino location shown in the directions below.

Towns or villages north of Mendocino are: Caspar (4 miles); Fort Bragg (8 miles); Cleone (13); Westport (24). South of Mendocino are: Little River (3 miles); Albion (7); Elk (18): Irish Beach (22); Manchester (28); Point Arena (33); Anchor Bay (43); Gualala (46).

Being there… wherever you are… and getting here is easy. Really! Of course, some people will need a little more help than others. Just for the record, however, we’re in northern California and, yes, we're on the coast. Since northern California may not be descriptive enough to some, we’ll try to narrow it down a bit:

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The Mendocino Coast (at Mendocino) is:

Does that help? Just in case, we’ll throw in a few fancy directions to follow. Of course, we assume you’re driving; that’s about the only way to get here from there... unless you’re flying in with your private plane, but more on that later. We’ve selected a few starting points which you’ll recognize; you can match or adjust your own starting point to what’s given here.
As Roy and Dale were fond of saying, "Happy Trails"!

Destination: The Mendocino Coast (at Mendocino)

From San Francisco (150 miles):

From Sacramento (188 miles):

From South Lake Tahoe (286 miles):

From Portland, Oregon (537 miles):

From Newport, Oregon (on the coast) 440 miles):

  • ...From there, you've gotten to here!

    Ahhhh... Bliss!

    Being There...and FLYING Here

    Sorry, there is no commercial air service to the Mendocino Coast. For those with private planes, however, there is the Mendocino County Airport at Little River, located about 5 miles from Mendocino. The airport boasts a long runway, accessible for jets.


    Charter Service & Car Rental: Coast Flyers at 707-937-1224

    Being There and Getting Here is courtesy of Cypress Cove at Mendocino

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