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Along the coast or within a few miles of it -- in our real estate market area -- there are a good number of undeveloped land parcels of almost every size and description. There are small lots available in the towns or villages, there are small parcels in subdivisions, there are parcels of an acre or two or five in a country setting. Then there are larger parcels of 10, 20, 50 acres and, occasionally, there are farms or ranches or timber-producing parcels of a couple of hundred or thousand acres.

Just as in residential properties, location counts -- for view, privacy, the feeling of space. Undeveloped land parcels may be oceanfront (touching the high-tide line, that is), oceanview or inland, non-view. Oceanfront parcels are usually highly-dramatic settings with waves crashing against the bluffs or the sea stacks just offshore. Oceanview parcels may range from dramatic, whitewater views to more-distant, bluewater views. Some of our customers insist on being on the ocean or, at the very least, having a good view of it. Others want to be inland -- where the views can also be impressive -- to be in the "sunbelt". If you are unfamiliar with the term, sunbelt is, of course... well, where it is sunnier! Does that make sense? To explain that a little better, every mile inland from the coast means just a little less effect from fog or the marine influence. Two or three miles inland will mean about 50% less fog; five or six miles inland is just about where the fog ends during our foggiest months from July to September... see, sunbelt!

Prices for land parcels are generally determined by what you might expect, of course... view, size, area location, and whether they have other qualities such as a pond, river, stream, the quality and amount of timber, or if it might be agricultural-producing. Parcels available for sale on the coast -- as we write this -- range in price from $50,000 to nearly $3,000,000; in size, from a town lot to about 850 acres. There are, at any given time, about 250 or more parcels available on the market, and about 40% of those will be oceanview or oceanfront, 60%, therefore, being located inland or not having a view.

At Sea Cottage Real Estate, we will be happy to provide you with complete details of any of those 250 listings. In the meantime, here are a few samples:

Properties available for sale are placed in one of three categories:




Generally speaking, the three categories are separated not only by the degree of "view", but also by price. As an example, oceanfront properties, being the most desirable - as well as the rarest - usually command the higher prices.

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We, at Sea Cottage Real Estate, are members of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and, therefore, have access to virtually all the properties currently on the market. While we have a very healthy number of listings of our own, hundreds of listings by other real estate agencies are available to us and for our clients. You can see them all by going to our MLS Link.
We can Email or fax complete details and pictures of any listing you might find interesting to you. After you've seen the properties on MLS Link, come back to the Sea Cottage website and find our Email address or phone number.... take the advantage!

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